Keyboard: 88 hammer action key.

Operation: use DIAL & [+/YES] & [-/NO] button or direct select button to select desired menu & parameters Voice: 559 voices in total, 28 voices can be selected conveniently from the panel.

Style: 203 styles in total, including 3 user styles, 16 voices can be selected conveniently from the panel. Song: 100 songs in total, each one has self-learning mode 

Demo: 2 demos in total.

Chord mode: fingered & full range.

Song learning: three learning mode of lesson 1/2/3, left and right hand to choose, and offers the GRADE function.

Chord dictionary: A function for you to learn the chords, including Dirct 1 mode (dictionary mode) and Dirct 2 (test mode).

Record: 3 user songs, each one includes 1 accomp track & 5 melody tracks.

Style record: 3 user styles, each one includes 8 paragraphs, each paragraph include 8 tracks.

SD card: Portable storage device to save & load the user songs,user styles and memory datas.

Memory: 48 memories in total (8 banks with 6 memories each).

Style control: sync start, sync stop, start/stop, fill in a/normal, fill in b/variation, intro/ending, fade in/out, chord mode

Function: tuning, beat, split point, pedal select, reverb level, chorus level, midi in, midi out. Mixer: Rhythm_s£rhythm_m£bass£chord 1£chord 2£chord 3£phrase 1£phrase 2£voice r1£voice r2£voice l£ SD play.

Others: dual, split, dsp, piano, metronome, o.t.s., transpose +/-, accomp +/-, touch, pitch bend etc. Pedal: sustain pedal (immovable); Multifunctional pedal (soft¡sostenuto¡start/stop¡memory select) Interface: midi in/out, usb, phone, line in/out Irradiance keys: style control£sync start£sync stop , fill in a/normal£fill in b/variation£intro/ending£fade£¡ style record¡record¡play/stop¡accomp¡melody 1¡melody 5,style,voice,song¡

MEDELI SP5500 88-Key Stage Piano

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